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LRH And Halo Innovations Partner To Educate Parents On Sids Awareness Month

October 15, 2010

Through its use of wearable blankets and other safe-sleeping practices, Littleton Regional Hospital shows new parents how to create a safe sleep environment for their babies

In recognition of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month this October, Littleton Regional Hospital continues to offer the HALO® Safer Way to Sleep® initiative to model safe-sleeping practices for new parents and infant caretakers. LRH is committed to decreasing the incidence of SIDS in the greater (city) area by using HALO® SleepSack ®wearable blankets in its nursery and neonatal unit and by educating new parents on other SIDS prevention techniques.

"No parent should have to experience the grief of losing a child to SIDS or accidental suffocation," said Koren Superchi, RNC, MSN nurse manager of the LRH Agnes Norris Birthing Center. "We're committed to giving parents the tools and information they need to provide safe sleep environments for their new babies, and that includes advocating for the use of wearable blankets like the HALO SleepSack brand in our hospital and at home."

LRH, leading SIDS organizations and HALO recommend these tips to new parents to decrease the risk of SIDS:

LRH is one of the more than 600 hospitals across the country that currently use HALO SleepSack wearable blankets in their neonatal units or nurseries, give them to new moms or sell the product in hospital gift shops. A percentage of all HALO SleepSack product sales go directly to support medical research, education and family services in the fight against SIDS.

For more information about LRH's Safer Way to Sleep initiative and its efforts toward SIDS prevention call 1-800-464-7731

baby in a LRH sleepsack
Newborn Kaedyn Alise Kendall is wrapped in a HALO SleepSack wearable blanket at Littleton Regional Hospital's Agnes Norris Birthing Center.

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