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LRH Recognizes Medical Surgical Nurses Week

November 5, 2010

November 1-7, 2010 has been designated as Medical Surgical Nurses Week by The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN). Medical-surgical nurses focus every day on caring compassionately for patients and families. Medical-surgical nursing is the foundation of all nursing practice.

Once upon a time and not so long ago, all nurses practiced the art and science of nursing on Medical-Surgical Units. Everyone was a medical or surgical nurse - that is where all nursing started. Today many nurses choose to work in the specialty of medical-surgical nursing.

Medical-surgical nursing has evolved from an entry-level position to an adult health specialty. It is no longer viewed as stepping-stone but is the solid rock and the backbone of every institution. It is the largest group of practicing professionals. Medical-surgical Nurses are on the front lines every day. They are on the cutting edge of what is new and exciting in nursing. As technology evolves, so does nursing. The work is challenging, but rewarding. It is one of the most demanding specialties of all the nursing specialties. Who but special nurses can manage as many as 6 patients, of various ages and diagnoses all within their allotted shift? They juggle their assignment so they can do assessments, administer care, treatments, medications, and perform thorough documentation on each of these patients all while providing compassionate care.

Medical Surgical Nurses have a vast set of skills. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of adult health, have excellent assessment, technical, organizational, and prioritization skills. They spend large portions of their day teaching patients, families, peers, and other health professionals. They understand the importance of maintaining and improving the quality of care that patients receive and support patients in their efforts to identify what is in their best interest.

Medical Surgical Nurses provide comfort and attention to patients, their friends, and families through often stressful times in their lives. They provide dignity and respect in end-of-life decision-making and care.

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