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LRH Now Offers Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgical Technology

November 8, 2010

Littleton Regional Hospital recently obtained the HANA™ Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Table - the only surgical table designed exclusively for anterior minimally invasive hip replacement. On October 12th, 2010 the first minimally invasive anterior approach hip replacement procedure was done at LRH using the table. Dougald MacArthur, DO, Alpine Clinic and Littleton Regional Hospital staff orthopaedic surgeon performed the surgical procedure.

The Anterior Approach surgery procedure is a technique that minimizes the pain and time from surgery to recovery. The Anterior Approach allows the surgeon to reach the hip joint from the front of the hip as opposed to the lateral (side), or the posterior (back) approach.

With its unique capability to position the leg, the HANA™ enables the surgeon to replace the hip through a single incision, without detachment of muscle from the pelvis or femur. The table allows hyperextension, adduction and external rotation of the hip for femoral component placement - a positioning option not possible with conventional tables. The lack of disturbance to the lateral and posterior soft tissues provides immediate stability of the hip after surgery.

Dr. MacArthur, Orthopaedic Surgeon at LRH states, "This way, the hip can be replaced without detachment of muscle from the pelvis or femur during surgery. It allows the surgeon to work through the natural interval between the muscles. The most important muscles for hip function, the gluteal muscles that attach to the pelvis and femur, are left undisturbed and therefore do not require a healing process. This is a tremendous benefit to the patient allowing quicker healing and quicker return to normal activities.

Littleton Regional Hospital is one of the first hospitals in New Hampshire to offer this state-of-the-art equipment for patients in need of hip replacement. Prior to LRH acquiring the HANA table, patients interested in anterior hip surgery were often traveling to Concord or Boston. Now the arrival of the HANA table at LRH will allow local patients local access to the newest and most advanced total hip techniques.

Mizuho OSI manufactures the HANA™ Surgical Table used primarily in Anterior Approach Hip Replacement. The merits of this procedure are several: 1) Less muscle trauma for the patient; 2) reduced hospital stay; 3) smaller incision - 4 to 5 inches as opposed to 10 to 12 inches; 4) faster recovery - 2 to 8 weeks as opposed to 2 to 4 months; 5) additional benefits include reduced pain, reduced blood loss, reduced tissue healing required, reduced risk of dislocation, and more rapid return to normal activities.

For further information regarding anterior hip replacement surgery, contact Dr. MacArthur at The Alpine Clinic, Franconia, New Hampshire 603-823-8600 or 603-747-3668.

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