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LRH Celebrates 36th Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner

May 5, 2011

Littleton Regional Hospital recently held its 36th annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner for its adult volunteers. This year's theme for the dinner was Under Construction. This theme dovetailed perfectly with the hospital's construction over the past year of a new medical office building and the current renovations being done to bring the hospital's Patient Financial Services as well as its Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation offices back to the hospital. The room was decorated with black and yellow construction tape as well as construction themed balloons and signs. The volunteers were first treated to punch and appetizers provided by hospital employees and these were followed by fine dining prepared by Juergen Spagolla and his staff from the hospital's Food and Nutrition Department. Employees served as the volunteer wait staff and included hospital Chief Operating Officer, Peter Wright, Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, Linda Gilmore as well as Dr. Malgorzata Taras, Cindy Schieman, Gail Perkins, Wendy Mason, Mary Kate Foley, Marissa Rexford, Kelli Keiler, Kathleen Govatski, Melanie Colby, Cathleen Potter, Linda Culver, Shayna Poulton and Lydia Cumbee. Also assisting with gifts and meal tickets were hospital employees Angie Burr and Donna Driscoll.

Following the dinner, Charron Sundman and Stephanie Moskal, Co-Directors of the Volunteer Department, welcomed the volunteers and asked for a moment of silence to remember three of their volunteers who had passed away over the past year including Mary Basnar, Beth Benoit and Joyce Donadio. Following that, they honored Frances Heald, a former volunteer who left the hospital an unexpected bequest.

Each volunteer was given a $10 gift certificate to the Italian Oasis Restaurant in Littleton with a portion of the gift donated by owners Wayne and Lisa Morello. Photos of the evening were taken by George Mitchell of GM Fotography of Littleton and Channel 2 taped the event as well.

John Starr, Chairman of the hospital's Board of Trustees, thanked the volunteers for all they have done over the past year and acknowledged the numerous area towns that they come from. Warren West, hospital CEO, noted the 19,445 hours that the hospital's 201 volunteers had donated over the past year. He also cited that the visiting volunteers made 2,372 patient visits, our pet therapy dog and his owner, Barbie Beck-Wilczek, spent 40 hours with patients, local musicians played for oncology and inpatients once a week for 52 weeks, our Family Support Team had donated 621 hours providing a quiet presence for families whose family member is in critical condition, and the transport volunteers had made 2,372 in-house transports over the past year.

Sundman and Moskal then proceeded to award pins for cumulative hours and years of volunteering. Bill Lockhart was awarded a 6,500 hour pin for the total amount of time he had volunteered at LRH over the years. Margaret Harrigan, Ellen Mittleman and Stan Mittleman were awarded 3,500 hour pins. Peg Clark and Linda Fahey received 2,000 hour pins and Ken McCullock and Jane Smalley accepted 1,500 hour pins. A 1,000 hour pin went to Priscilla Deane, Ray Hopkins, Ed Klahre and Don Sargent. Receiving 500 hour pins were Candy Black, Linda Collins, Ann Marie Dell'Anno, June Eaton, Jenny Fox, Beryl Klahre, Reg LaFlam, Sandy Lozeau, Wayne Miller, Sandy Monroe, Carrie Morrill, Heidi Morrison, Kenyon Tuthill, and Cheryl Whiles. Accepting 100 hour pins were Ken Burke, Elizabeth Carstens, Nancy Collins, Ethel Cooper, Elizabeth Crocket, Dan Cullen, Pat Curtis, David DeMontigny, Tom Duplissis, Stacey Glidden-Hodge, Wayne Golden, Guy Harriman, Jeff Howard, Patty Howard, George Kirk, Maryann Langdoc, Elaine Marshall, Tom Marshall, Daphne McDonald, Thomas Merritt, Dick Monroe, Susan Ranney, Anna Rioux, Karin Ripp, Ellen Roy, Melissa Roy, Loretta Silver, Darlene White and Elaine Winters.

Celebrating 30 years of volunteer service to LRH was Linda Caswell. A 20 year pin went to Poppy Clark and 15 year pins were awarded to Linda Fahey and Jane Smalley. Receiving pins for 10 years of volunteer service were Natalie Carbonaro, Cindy Davis, Carmen Gagne, John Goodrich, Margaret Harrigan, Nancy MacNeil, Karen Morneau, Luci Pineault, Joni Prell, Helen Quinney and Judy Warden. Awards were also given to 14 volunteers who donated 250 hours or more over the course of the past year. These included Bill Lockhart with 794.5 hours, Ken McCullock with 640 hours, Tom Duplissis with 424 hours, David DeMontigny with 411.5 hours, Margaret Harrigan with 379 hours, Jenny Fox with 352 hours, Reg LaFlam with 346 hours, Heidi Morrison with 323 hours, Priscilla Deane has 315 hours, Al Moskal with 309 hours, June Eaton with 306 hours, Sandy Monroe with 285.5 hours, Shirley Lewis with 297.5, and Kevin Brown with 250.5 hours volunteered over the past year.

Volunteers who helped decorate for the dinner were recognized including Laurie Morgan, Toni Thomas, Sandy Lozeau, Deb Ames, Marilyn Williams and Carrie Morrill.

Special awards were also given to Linda Fahey for tracking volunteer hours in different locations each month. Al Moskal received a gift for tabulating all of the volunteers' hours for the past year. Ken McCullock was recognized for helping to track Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP) hours and miles each month. Joyce Tyler was recognized for her expertise with pushing wheelchairs and for helping the volunteer directors by loaning her beautiful penmanship for special occasions. Guy Harriman was recognized for his expertise in helping a very ill patient get to the Emergency Department. Karin Ripp, one of the hospital's newer volunteers, who recognized for her willingness to substitute in a variety of positions for volunteers who could not come in during the winter months. Laurie Morgan was recognized for her creativity in decorating for the evening's event as well as for being the "gal Friday" for the volunteer co-directors. Patty Howard was recognized for donating extra time to help decorate oand hostess volunteer events and her husband, Jeff Howard, was acknowledged for coming in to substitute several times over the winter for volunteers who could not make it in due to the many snowstorms. Maryann Langdoc received a gift for organizing the music therapy program at LRH and scheduling our local musicians. Camilla Palladino was recognized for her delicious pizelles she bakes and distributes to other volunteers each week.

Dick Bennink was recognized as the eldest male volunteer at 94 and Dorothy Sundman for being the eldest female volunteer at 93 years young. Lucy Magoon and Elizabeth Crockett were acknowledged for taking reservations each Monday for the hospital's senior citizen special meals. Nancy Collins and Karin Ripp were thanked for providing transportation to a volunteer who does not drive. Finally Reg LaFlam was awarded a gift for doing a remarkable job installing Lifeline units for area residents who need a 24-hour response system in their homes in case they become ill or fall and need help getting up.

The evening ended with a heartfelt thank you from Sundman and Moskal acknowledging what an honor and privilege it is to work with such a fantastic team of volunteers. For more information about volunteering at Littleton Regional Hospital, please call 444-9207.

volunteer service
Linda Caswell accepts a pin for 30 years of volunteer service at LRH.

bill celebrates volunteer service
Bill Lockhart receives a pin for 6,500 hours of volunteer service over the past 7 years.

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