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Keeping Employees Healthy at LRH - C25K Event

August 30, 2012

Littleton Regional Hospital's Employee Wellness Team invited LRH employees to participate in the Second Annual Couch to 5K training program this summer. During the nine week training program LRH employees were given a training CD consisting of music and verbal instruction to motivate them to start their choice of a walking or running program.

During the program, the Employee Wellness Team provided information on the benefits of physical activity, exercise safety and proper walking and running techniques. In addition, employees learned about purchasing the right athletic shoes and apparel to make their walking and running experience comfortable.

At the end of the program, LRH employees were invited to walk or run a 5K at the LRH campus. The Employee Wellness Team marked the 5K route that included water stations, and encouragement from members of the Wellness Team.

Participants walked and ran the route in just a little more than an hour. The finish included light refreshments and gifts for a few lucky participants.

Anyone interested in learning more about LRH's employee wellness initiatives should contact Lannette Madden, RN ACE-AHFS at (603) 444-9387.

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