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LRH Nursing Staff Administers H1N1 Vaccines

December 4, 2009

The Nursing staff at Littleton Regional Hospital has taken on H1N1 in a big way. In addition to the excellent care they provide to patients seeking care in the traditional inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, the nursing staff at LRH has provided over 1300 H1N1 vaccines to provide protection for our community members based on the criteria developed by the state for distribution by hospitals. They have held clinics at the hospital, floating from all areas of the hospital to create clinic hours that meet the needs of our community members, and volunteering to come in on their time off to ensure that pregnant women and their families, healthcare workers, emergency service personnel, police and firefighters, children up to age 4 and all others included in the evolving levels established by the state are given free vaccines as quickly as they become available.

Linda Gilmore, CNO, states, "Our hospital is fortunate to have a committed group of professionals that go above and beyond every day to ensure that our patients and families are receiving the best care and support possible. The willingness and enthusiasm with which the nursing team has approached this epidemic isn't at all surprising to me. It does make me very proud to see yet another example of the commitment to patients the nursing staff members at LRH exhibit every day."

Additional flu clinic times will be made available in the near future.

h1n1 vaccine
Three year old Marty van Bergen receives his H1N1 nasal spray vaccine from Kristen Schieman, RN at Littleton Regional Hospital

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