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LRH Volunteers Announce New Customer Service Initiatives

April 16, 2010

National Volunteer Week is April 18th - 24th this year and the Littleton Regional Hospital (LRH) volunteers are celebrating with some new customer service initiatives to help patients and hospital staff.

The Volunteers will kick-off their Transport Services program this week. Hospital employees and physicians may call Monday through Friday from 7a.m. - 4p.m. and request that a volunteer transport a patient, medical record, a meal, an item for the Lab, or an order from the supply room to its destination within the hospital. This new service will allow our clinical staff to spend more time with our patients and their families. Thirty three volunteers will participate as Transport Volunteers and their substitutes to maintain the coverage throughout the week.

Another new volunteer program recently begun at LRH is called the Roaming/Visiting Volunteers. Each morning a specially trained volunteer makes rounds to all of the hospital's waiting rooms as well as the cafeteria to check in with patients and visitors to make sure all their needs are being met and that they are having a positive experience at LRH. These volunteers also take time to visit with each patient staying at the hospital and they spend extra time with patients who have no visitors or who seem anxious or lonely. According to these volunteers, they feel that they get back more than they give. They have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from the North Country as well as many patients and visitors from throughout the U.S. and abroad who use our community hospital. This program is hoping to expand to afternoon visits as well.

The hospital has also begun a Family Support and Aftercare Program, coordinated by hospital employee, Kristen van Bergen- Buteau. These volunteers are specially trained to help family members through crisis situations by serving as a quiet presence for families to lean on, orient loved-ones to our facility, assist the family in accessing resource (phone, coffee, community resources, etc) and serve as a family liaison to the clinical staff. Additionally, Aftercare volunteers contact families at specific intervals for up to 24 months after a loss or death to check in on the family and provided survivors with information about support groups and other community resources to help with their grief. For those interested in this program, you can contact Kristen at 603-444-9349.

The LRH volunteer program is celebrating its 35th year with its 165 volunteers ranging in age from 14 - 94. In addition to the programs described above, the hospital's volunteers also serve as receptionists at the main entrance to the hospital, at the Same Day Surgery reception desk and at the entrance to the medical office building. Volunteers can be found in the gift shop as well as helping with clerical work in 20 departments throughout the hospital. The Volunteer Department Co-Directors, Charron Sundman and Stephanie Moskal, are hoping to welcome about 30 more new volunteers to their team before the new addition to the medical office building opens in late fall. For more information about LRH's Volunteer Program, please call Charron or Stephanie at 603-444-9207.

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